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Why should I get insurance?

As the smart technology world is getting more advanced and more powerful, it’s also becoming more expensive. If you bought your device on contract, then you might not realise its true replacement cost. Insurance is becoming increasingly popular, as people now see the value of protecting their lovable gadgets from accidents, loss and theft.

Where can I add the insurance service?

Simply add insurance for your device at checkout!

What are the methods of payment?

For an easier method of payment, you can pay monthly through our secure Direct Debit option. Your details will be obtained during checkout.

What does the insurance cover?

The device insurance covers accidental damage, theft, loss, liquid damage, breakdown, and unauthorised calls (up to £10,000), for 12 months.

Is the insurance you’re offering regulated by any organisation?

Yes, Mazuma Mobile Ltd is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Bastion Insurance Services Ltd who are authorised and regulated by FCA, Reg No. 650727.

Do you have any documents for more information and a list of your Terms and Conditions?

Yes, we do. Click here for the full Product Information and Terms and Conditions.

Will I need anything before making an insurance claim?

You will need the original receipt for all the devices that you would like to claim. So please remember to keep them.